The 20th session of the Arab Radio and TV Festival

The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) organizes the 20th edition of the Arab Radio and Television Festival from June 27 to 30, 2019 in the City of Culture in Tunis. The Festival is organized in cooperation with the Tunisian Radio and Tunisian Television Establishments and in partnership with the Arab Satellite Communications Organization (Arabsat)

The annual festival aims to achieve several objectives, including contributing to the development of the Arab radio and TV production and enhancing its quality so as to meet the aspirations of member corporations and reflect the principles that underpin their work. The Festival aims also to identify and encourage innovative and meaningful trends in radio and television production in order to develop Arab creative energies in this field.

The Festival welcomes the participation of representatives of ASBU member corporations, working in the fields of staging, production and preparation of programs, as well as representatives of private Arab production companies, news agencies, and foreign Arab- speaking radio and TV stations. Representatives of private radio and television networks, international radio and television unions will also attend the Festival.

Guests of Honor and honored figures: the Festival welcomes a variety of the Arab screen most prominent stars, artists, directors, high officials, and distinguished media landscape professionals.

Mainly, the festival includes the following events :

  • Opening and closing ceremonies: Two high standard music evening shows by most famous Arab artists. They are broadcast live by various TV and radio channels, both public and private.
  • The main competition is dedicated to TV programs and news produced by ASBU active member and participant corporations.
  • The parallel competition is dedicated to programs and news produced by private Arab television networks (non ASBU members), Arab production companies and news agencies, as well as foreign Arabic-speaking satellite channels.
  • The Radio program competition, both main and parallel. The competition is dedicated to radio programs and news produced by ASBU member corporations, as regards the official competition. The parallel competition will witness the participation of private Arab radio stations and companies and international Arabic-speaking production companies. The radio program competition includes in turn five categories of radio programs and news.
  • Two workshops, one technical and one related to programs.
  • ASBU TV and Radio Convention : it consists of a TV and radio equipment exhibition, which introduces new technological developments and innovations and a TV and radio program market organized with the participation of member corporations, private TV and radio networks, Arab production companies and news agencies and foreign Arabic-speaking stations.
  • Festival’s Prizes: Prizes and certificates of appreciation are awarded to programs and newsreports winning the first and second places in each category of television and radio programs and news competitions.
Cash prizes, as well, are awarded to some categories of radio and television programs and news shows, alternating from one session to the other.